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Since 1994, we manage our biggest property in Erkrath-Hochdahl with 304 apartments and corresponding parking spaces in the underground parking lot. In addition to the ongoing management, we were in particular able to successfully implement out strengths in the technical building management:

  • Incorporation and assessment of the condition of all technical systems and components,
  • Preparation of a medium- and long-term maintenance plan,
  • Determination of the medium-term financial requirements and calculation of the annual allocation to the maintenance reserve for ensuring the financing of the planned measures,
  • Deduction of concrete renovation measures from the maintenance plan, preparation of specifications, invitation to tender for the renovation and explanation of the measures with regards to the taking of a decision by the homeowner’s association,
  • Assumption of the qualified construction supervision with either our own technical employees or in cooperation with external architects and specialist engineers.

Since we took over the management, many components and technical systems could be renovated successively, such as flat roofs, façades, elevators, etc. Due to the good general condition of the condominium, the quality of living conditions for the owners using their apartments themselves improved significantly and letting the apartments became much easier for the investors among the owners. We also carry out the (rental) management of single condominiums for many investors so that they don’t have to look after their apartments themselves.