Reference objects.

For more than 15 years we have been assigned the management of the business park Gewerbepark-Süd in Hilden - -
After the termination of their own in-house production more than 20 years ago, the owners began to market the hall and office blocks as “Gewerbepark-Süd” on a historic industrial site. In the process, we rented approximately 23,000 m² hall and office space to more than 70 different companies to date.

We are proud that we contributed with our continuous work over several years to the main goals of the business park having been reached:

  • Increase of the rental income by ongoing rent adjustments,
  • Reduction of the tenant fluctuation by concluding long-term contracts and achieving a high tenant satisfaction,
  • Achievement of a very low service charge level compared to other business parks and most of all
  • (Nearly) No vacancies (status as of August 2009: approx. 95 % of all areas have been let).

For 30 years, the management of residential properties, from detached houses to apartment buildings with up to 40 apartments, has been a special core area of our services. A good example for a property would be the building in Schanzenstraße 40 in the popular quarter Oberkassel of Düsseldorf.

This is a property consisting of a historical town house with 8 beautiful apartments in the front building and a commercial part in the backyard with 600 m² of highly modern office space.

This property was kept in a very good condition over the years by regular investments conserving the value in cooperation with the owner and it was developed to a profitable rental property by extension works in the 1990s.

Due to this individual support which was shaped by the close, trusting and satisfied cooperation with the owner we managed to achieve a professional result for the owner’s visions in every stage of the management:

  • Stable tenancy over several years
  • Very satisfied tenants
  • Well-kept and well-tended basic structure of the building
  • Conservation of the property value
  • Above-average net rent yield